Sony - Playstation 4

HiFi 3D directed and animated sequences for the Sony's international Playstation 4 launch.

The first video is the full length cut, with Sony developer interviews. The second is a 60 second cutdown of animated segments from the film.


Sony Video Producer: Michael Brynteson
Sony Art Director: Timothy Smith
EP at DUCK Studios: Mark Medernach

Animation Studio: HiFi 3D
Director: HiFi 3D
HiFi 3D EPs/CG Supervisors: Jonathan Dorfman, Szymon Weglarski

Design: Timothy Smith, Naomie Ross, Lucy Cummins, Ryan Thompson, Mancel Lindsey, JC Etheredge
Lighting/Surfacing/Rendering: Szymon Weglarski
Modelling: Jonathan Dorfman, James Chan
Rigging: Johnny Falcone, James Chan
3D Animation: Peter Richardson, Johnny Falcone, Szymon Weglarski, Jonathan Dorfman
Compositing/Motion graphics: Mike Miyalvski, Naomie Ross, Tom Brown, Loris Rivera, Molly Shwartz
Simulation and FX animation: Nick Martinelli, Peter Richardson, Mike Miyalvski, Jonathan Dorfman