charity: water provides access to clean drinking water to people who don’t have it. We helped them tell their story at their annual fundraising event, Charity: Ball, at the end of 2012. We used a variety of interactive technologies that helped them connect and share their story on a much more intimate level. We believed in charity: water’s mission long before working on this project. Their dedication to building a culture of sustainable relationships and continued thinking of how to improve their systems really gets us excited.

Our goal was to help charity: water connect with their audience more effectively and enable them to raise their target funding for the night. Our design and execution needed to stay on brand, get people excited, and most importantly it needed to work flawlessly. We connected RFID wristbands to a backend system that effectively delivered real time animation and data to the screens the entire night. We tracked everything from attendance to dollars raised and made it beautiful and engaging.

The first video is a sequential run through of the touch screen animations displayed on a mirrored 60 inch HD touchscreen display. The second is an edit from charity: water’s team that recaps the night. The third is an iPhone edit that gives you a glimpse into how the interactive components really played a huge role in making this a reality. And the last one is a one minute loop that played on a 60 foot screen while the host (Seth Meyers) was introduced.

The goal was met, the audience loved it, and charity: water connected with their supporters on a much more intimate level. Success.

Mancel Lindsey -  Direction, Design, Animation

Christian Haberkern -  Design, Animation

Justin Lawes - Design, Animation

Justin Demetrician - Design, Animation)

ShawnMoon - UX

Andrew Bell - Direction, Programming

Robert Hodgins - Programming

Katie Barnard - Producer

Bridget Sheils - Producer