Transcendental Design

Living Non-linearly


By Mancel Lindsey in The Spirit on Medium

The beginning. The end. We live somewhere between. This is how we see the world because we live linearly. However, our minds live outside of time. Or at least they can. It’s a lot of work to acquire a state of mind that can see our reality, seen and unseen, for what it is and live and work within that space. This is often called enlightenment, or being one, centering one’s self, and is seen throughout history as experiencing the divine hand of God. Depending on your perspective and shared set of experiences with the world, you either believe this to be true, believe the possibility of this being true, or you don’t believe this to be true at all.

If you’ve reached this transcendent part of creation, truth becomes food and you meditate on it every moment of your life. Consciousness plays nicely with your subconscious. It feeds your decisions, your reasoning, your loves, what you create, how you react — basically you become a co-creator with the Creator. Everything you do is done for the betterment of life as a whole. And that’s the most important part. Once you understand life from a perspective that doesn’t have specific words or images to attach to it, evil leaves and all that selfish self promoting space is filled with love.

When the mind is set on things linearly, why wouldn’t it be selfish? It’s reality is born, lived, and will die. After which it doesn’t exist. Conversely, if the mind is set on things non-linearly, it sees everything that ever was and will be, as one. It’s incapable of being self serving because in that reality, life and creation, powered by love, is the only thing that matters.

This creates a strong tension. Because let’s be real here — we still have responsibilities and circumstances that cause pain and distract us from living and working in the transcendental space that brings us so much peace and purpose. So how do we resolve this? Well, we take it further and push ourselves to implement that space within our linear experiences of life. This process will be different for everyone, but if you’ve gotten this far, no doubt you’ve set certain parameters and strategies that are easily actionable in the world you see with your eyes. It just takes a bit of creativity, a ton of patience, and proper implementation of knowledge and wisdom.

At the core of this idea is living spiritually instead of physically. Past fear becomes fuel. Present fear no longer exists. The possibilities essentially become limitless. Life becomes a sandbox under the Tree of Life and Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Each day you walk with God. Each day is perfect. It never tasted so good to have your cake and eat it too.

What will you do when all of creation is open to you?