Reinventing The Format

Great Design, Authentic Relationships and Epic Storytelling

As a motion designer, my art is usually a 16:9 rectangle. But that’s not the format. The format is the conversation. The relationship.

When I began thinking about building a new kind of motion design studio I knew I didn’t want to build the next glossy animation studio relying on traditional ad agencies and middle men to bring projects to the table for clients and products I really didn’t care about. Sure, many times those clients will be well known brands that look good on your site and demo reel and there’s always a fair amount of money there. However, the lack of quality client and artists relationships that encourage growth, create value, and change the landscape of industries and our world has grown quite stale for me. The traditional system is broken at best and the Mad Men profit mentality is waning. During the last eight months of smoothing out my entrepreneurial learning curve, I’ve found a surprisingly large amount of like minded artists that are pursuing the same level of meaning and growth in their own work. It’s exciting and has been a great source of encouragement for me to continue hustling through the dips.

Every decision I’ve made is centered around building a company focused on beautiful design and animation that promotes sustainable growth for the client by genuinely helping them tell their story. We can then figure out how to implement various design strengths in more ways than just the next thirty second commercial television ad. And when we reach those decision points, we’ll have already established a strong relationship and trust that will only allow for more productive projects, stronger communication, and provide the space to explore more thoughtful and innovative design solutions.

So how do we innovate a stagnant advertising and very young motion design industry while spreading ideas that actually mean something? And how do we do that and build a profitable company?

Well, I don’t know and I don’t think there is an absolute answer, but this is what I’m doing.

  • Build authentic relationships.
  • Partner with people and brands pursuing world changing ideas.
  • Focus on beautiful design and epic storytelling.
  • Remain 100% open to change.
  • Show up and do the work.