Complex Simplicity

Beginning Thoughts On Ideas


Mancel Lindsey in The Spirit on Medium

An idea can change the world. It can shift your perspective and paradigm into something tangible and concrete. Something digestible.

If an idea is built on a fundamental truth, a rock solid and immovable reality, that idea has the potential to gain strength and security from that foundation.

Something as intangible as an idea, then, has the power to blossom into a new identity while remaining entirely in line with it’s fundamentally true originating counterpart. Only in this way can something new be strengthened by the old. The new only further reveals the foundational truths of the old, resulting in the old actually being the new.

Nothing has changed, it’s only been the shifting of perspective through ideas that has changed. It has the foundation necessary to evolve in complexity while remaining inherently simple. Don’t misunderstand simplicity with simple-mindedness. No, simplicity is the result of complex truths that cannot stand alone, but only together do they seem simple and easily understood. Simple-mindedness on the other hand is taking simplicity at face value without understanding the complex structure required to facilitate it’s simple appearance.